From Concept to Opening Day, we have you covered.

From the early stage of planning your program, identifying needs and goals, to optimizing budget and space, to implementation, and build, Vector Gaming is one stop shopping for your gaming and esports program.



Amenities are key to a successful program. Avoid the mistakes so many insitutions have already made by working with Vector Gaming. We’re experienced LAN professionals who have toured numerous LAN centers across the country. We’ve seen the best and the worst the space has to offer, and we only bring you the best.

Program Building

You won’t know the true potential of your program and your budget until you speak with the experts at Vector Gaming. We’ve seen schools waste tens of thousands of dollars on coaching, consulting and equipment without a clear path forward. Esports is an exciting space, but spending money to spend money will only set you back. Develop a plan with Vector Gaming and get the most of our your investment dollars.


We offer complete packages for your institution.


Program Concept

What do you want out of your program? Where can it go? What resources are available? How can we maximize them?


We take care of procurement and install of all LAN equipment.


Ordering equipment, space build out, staff training, hiring new coaches and managers, Vector Gaming does it all.