Current Projects

These are some of our current initiatives to build esports and gaming infrastructure here in New England.

Uprising Academy Gamer House

We’ve partnered with Dramatik Gaming to provide Massachusetts its first professional gaming house. Boston Uprising Academy moved from Toronto to Boston based on Vector Gaming’s operations and business plan in March of 2019.

Esports Summer Camps

We’re working with some of the best colleges and schools in MA to bring esports offerings and camps to their campuses beginning in the Summer of 2020. These dynamic offerings will introduce students to all the campus has to offer, and showcase the exciting world of gaming and esports. Gaming is one of the largest entertainment industries and offers many opportunities in college and beyond.

We’re currently working with more colleges to add additional weeks and camps. If your town is interested in joining our emerging network, please reach out!

Collegiate Consulting

We’re reaching out to and working with institutions to provide the best possible esports program in the coming years. As we build out more opportunity for middle and high school aged gamers. it is imperative they have great programs waiting for them in college.

We’re working with some of the best schools in Massachusetts to start their esports programs, and we can help you too! Our unique approach to space and community make for sustainable programs that can serve as a centerpiece of student life on campus for years to come.


Local Infrastructure

We’re working with our partners at Dramatik Gaming to help deliver a premiere Boston Based esports organization. Dramatik boasts over 50 players, including top rated FGC players, League of Legends and Overwatch teams. Dramatik will be a freatured brand at our summer camps, and provides the expertise around coaching and player well being.