Vector Gaming provides the best gaming and esports business support services in New England



The Vector Gaming Team

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Vector Gaming’s team consists of a suite of experienced professionals, including business and esports professionals as well as supplementary coaching and wellness staff.

The Vector Gaming Philosophy

At Vector Gaming we believe in community first. All our current initiatives are focused on building sustainable, real world spaces and infrastructure for gamers. Apps are fine, but we know you want a real place to play.

The Vector Gaming Method

Educational and professional institutions trust Vector Gaming staff to implement the best possible esports and gaming solutions for their needs and the needs of their respective communities.



At the core of it, professionalized gaming is a community endeavor. Without the fans, without the views, without the people who support us, we’re just playing a game. The community around these games makes our dreams possible.


At Vector Gaming we’re proud to offer a select line of products for our space solutions that come from companies that we believe share the same commitment to gaming that we have. We don’t sell products or promote products and services we haven’t used ourselves.